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Schools across the nation are increasingly losing sight of their primary mandate - to help ALL of our children achieve academic success and prepare them for life after graduation. It is time to return to the basics. I will prioritize building proficiency in core subjects as well as critical thinking skills, not social agendas. Children are capable of meeting the bar we set, so let’s equip them to reach educational excellence and push them to new heights.


Parents have every right to be intricately involved and treated as an equal partner in every aspect of their children’s educational journeys. I will work to increase transparency and communication across the district. This is vital to ensuring that parents’ concerns are heard and that trust is rebuilt between all parties so that we can all work together for the betterment of our children. The 88th Texas Legislature passed vital legislation in favor of parental rights, and I’m determined to make sure these laws are adhered to in order to ensure genuine accountability!


Teachers are an invaluable asset in education, and their mark on children’s lives can last a lifetime. Therefore, teachers must have the adequate resources and support from the district to help every child reach their full potential. I vow to work with teachers to address the growing burdens placed on them and make them our partners in the pursuit of excellence in Conroe ISD.